E-Mail Message to Provost Nancy E. Cantor with Respect to
Proposed Regental Bylaw 1113 Revision

Sent on Friday, March 13, 1998 by
AAUP Chapter President Thomas E. Moore

Dear Provost Cantor:

Several faculty members recently brought to our attention the proposed revision of Bylaw 11.13. At its regular meeting yesterday, the Executive Committee of the local AAUP Chapter unanimously adopted the motion below, and directed me to forward that action to you. Because of the broad policy implications in the proposed action, it seems most beneficial for the University to take the proposed action additionally for discussion and recommendation before the Tenure Committee created by Regents' Bylaw 5.09, the Senate Assembly and its relevant committees, and before SACUA before finally deciding to bring the matter to the Regents for action. The following is our resolution from yesterday:

"The Executive Committee of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Chapter of the American Association of University Professors urges Provost Nancy Cantor to withdraw the proposed request for the Board of Regents to revise Bylaw Section 11.13 at its March, 1998, meeting. Several other units in the University already have in place Clinical II Professors and/or Research Scientists. This proposed revision would change the composition of the Executive Faculty of the Medical School, and could have a major effect, not only upon the Medical School but also upon all other units of the University and on other existing policies. At the least, we urge that the proposal first be discussed broadly and be approved by a majority of the current Executive Faculty of the Medical School before it is brought to the Board of Regents."

Respectfully yours,

Thomas E. Moore, AAUP-Ann Arbor Chapter President

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