Information about Chapter Membership

  1. Chapter membership shall be open to all persons with faculty positions (including professional library positions) at The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) who are Active, Graduate Student, Emeritus, Associate or Public members in good standing of the national Association, as defined in Article II of its Constitution (Attachment 5). Such persons become members upon payment of annual dues as set in Article V of the Constitution of the corporation (Attachment 2). Also persons who are members of the previous organization (the unincorporated University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Chapter of the American Association of University Professors) are members of the Chapter, as long as that membership in the previous organization is valid. Only Active members of the national Association may vote in elections or at meetings. Annual dues are $10, except that for graduate students and members without tenure the annual dues are $1, for retired persons the annual dues are $0, for public members and associate members the annual dues are $5.

  2. Each fall a mailing is sent to all eligible faculty members inviting them to become members. In addition, the organization makes a presentation at programs of the University of Michigan to orient new faculty; the new faculty members are given materials about the organization and questions are answered. Each year the Chapter places an advertisement in an Academic Planner for graduate students inviting graduate students to become members. On the web page of the national Association details about membership, including a membership application form, are provided. The magazine Academe, published by the national Association, includes similar material about membership. On the Chapter’s web page there is further information about membership in the Chapter.

  3. Members are sent mailings about chapter activities and are invited to attend programs sponsored by the organization.