• ultra durable water-repellent coating

    A self-healing, water-repellent, spray-on coating developed at U-M is hundreds of times more durable than its counterparts. Two droplets of water are shown being repelled by the coating. The droplet on the left is sitting on a surface that has been abraded by a machine.

    Learn more about this new coating

  • Grandmother Tree walk

    Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum celebrate the University of Michigan's Bicentennial with the Grandmother Tree Walk. The self-guided tour is a journey through Michigan time that looks at the people, places and events in the university's 200-year history from the perspective of trees. #UMich200

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  • Into the Storm

    The most turbulent region of a hurricane holds secrets about its potential for destruction. Michigan Engineering’s newly launched satellite system can reveal how these storms intensify in a warming world.

    Learn how this new satellite can see through rain

  • Michigan’s University Research Corridor

    Michigan's University Research Corridor (URC) conducted $1.2 billion in research and development in the health sciences and has proved to be a key source of talent, deliverer of care and economic driver in Michigan, according to a new report.

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