• Wringing power from water

    In a milestone that took more than a decade to reach, a team of engineers is testing the first commercial-scale prototype of a device designed to generate electricity from slow-moving river and ocean currents. Called VIVACE, the device harnesses a phenomenon called flow-induced motion.

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  • The 21st Century Dancer

    The University Musical Society's 21st Century Artist Internships offer performing arts students paid, one-of-a-kind, experiential learning opportunities​. ​Learn more about Claire Crause's incredible experience with Mark Morris Dance Group, which performs ​at U-M Oct. 13-15​

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  • A more accurate sensor for lead paint

    A new molecular gel recipe developed at the University of Michigan is at the core of a prototype for a more accurate lead paint test. The test makes it easy to see whether a paint chip contains more than the regulated 5,000 parts per million of the poisonous metal.

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  • Harnessing brain activity

    University of Michigan startup Neurable has developed a brain wave interpretation system that allows for control of devices such as toys and video games. Neurable’s system involves a cap that can detect brain wave activity and turn it into action.

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