• Band, Take the Field!

    The legendary William Revelli created many traditions that define today’s Michigan Marching Band. “Look at the stadium. Look at those crowds. Look at our team. Look at the program. …You’re not going to go anywhere and beat this.”

    Learn about the professor they called “The Chief”

  • Flying Catamarans

    With the 2017 America’s Cup on the horizon, go behind the scenes with the world’s best sailing team, ORACLE USA, and the Michigan Engineers who help this championship crew fly. With glory – and danger – on the line, precision engineering rules the day.

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  • prosthetics research

    The Rehabilitation Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Michigan looks part playground, part film studio, part bionic woman. U-M doctoral student Susannah Engdahl explains how the lab is used to measure and compare the range of motion of people who use prosthetics against those who don't.

    Learn more about how real life experience informs research and teaching

  • Learning to Walk the Wave Field

    MARLO, the 3D bipedal robot that belongs to electrical engineering professor Jessy Grizzle and his team of students, is learning to conquer new terrain. The team is starting with the easiest routes, between the grassy two- to three-foot moguls, over smaller undulations.

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