• Birds in the Library

    To have a great library, the fledgling University of Michigan needed a great book. Regent Zina Pitcher had just the one in mind in 1838.

    Learn about the University Library's first purchase

  • Where’s the balcony?

    For the first time in its 18-year history, and by popular demand, Shakespeare in the Arb will present “Romeo and Juliet.” Learn about the challenge of performing this audience favorite without its usual urban backdrop.

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  • Astronomy Artist

    LSA alumnus José Francisco Salgado uses photography and film to bring astronomy to new audiences and inspire them to learn more about the science behind what they see.

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  • IMAX bulbs simulate the sun

    You don’t get to swim in the sun’s atmosphere unless you can prove you belong there. And the Parker Solar Probe’s Faraday cup, a key sensor aboard the $1.5 billion NASA mission launching this summer, earned its stripes by enduring testing in a homemade contraption designed to simulate the sun.

    Learn more about the Solar Environment Simulator

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