• Building a stronger Haiti with engineering and chocolate

    Journey from bean to bar in the jungles and streets of Haiti and meet the Michigan Engineer who’s churning out opportunity for her native country.

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  • The Firing of a President

    Michigan’s visionary first president Henry P. Tappan was brought down by editors, teetotalers, professors, regents ... and his own arrogance.

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  • Bringing back Great Lakes giants

    ​U-M researchers are part of a multi-institution team working to restore lake sturgeon, which were once common in the Great Lakes, by building rock spawning reefs in two Detroit-area rivers. ​​The latest set of reefs was completed last month in the Detroit River near Belle Isle.​

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  • Bringing Indian music to the world

    ​Professor Mousumi Banerjee grew up listening to the songs of Indian poet, writer and composer Rabindranath Tagore. Now her quest is to convert the songs to Western music notation, starting with a high school orchestra, hoping to make the music more accessible.

    Learn more about this U-M biostatistics professor’s passion for music

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