• “Little Stones” ​against violence​

    “I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone.” Women’s rights activist Alice Paul's statement is at the heart of a project among faculty, students and an award-winning filmmaker alumna to shed light on global violence​ against women--a collaboration ​that ​offers resources for classroom discussion​.​

    Learn more about this collaboration


    U-M’s University Musical Society hosted the New York Philharmonic in November as part of an unprecedented partnership between a university and one of the world’s renowned orchestras. Their residency included public workshops and performances featuring students alongside professional musicians.

    View highlights from their visit to Ann Arbor

  • Giving Blueday was a success!

    On November 28, the U-M community came together and gave for the future! The day saw incredible results because of you. Your support will leave a lasting impression on the university, community, and students.

    Learn more about the day’s success.

  • Controlled Burn

    In October, U-M researchers and firefighters established the sixth “burn plot” in a long-running experiment at the Biological Station that seeks to approximate, on a tiny scale, the epic lumbering and wildfire disturbances that transformed the forests of the Upper Great Lakes region more than a century ago.

    Learn how a century of forest history is recreated at the U-M Biological Station

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