• Public Health Collaborations in Bangladesh

    ​U-M School of Public Health researchers in Bangladesh ​examined ​pressing global health issues and explor​ed ​potential ​r​esearch collaborations​.​

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  • Victors for Art

    The U-M Museum of Art will celebrate the university’s bicentennial year with a two-part exhibition featuring 115 works of art from seven decades of alumni collectors and 3,500 years of human creativity. From Andy Warhol to Georgia O’Keeffe, James McNeill Whistler, Alberto Giacometti and more, you won’t want to miss this spectacular show.

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  • 3-D printed orthotics: Better fit, same day

    A new way to design and 3-D print custom orthotics and prosthetics could give amputees, stroke patients and individuals with cerebral palsy lighter, better-fitting assistive devices in a fraction of the time it takes to get them today.

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  • Rhapsodies in Blue

    From the visual to the vocal and on to the musical, Michigan's love affair with the color blue has been long and complicated. How “azure blue” evolved into the universal slogan of U-M loyalists everywhere.

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