• Harnessing brain activity

    University of Michigan startup Neurable has developed a brain wave interpretation system that allows for control of devices such as toys and video games. Neurable’s system involves a cap that can detect brain wave activity and turn it into action.

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  • A Rare Look Under the Hood

    When the University of Michigan-branded No. 88 Axalta race car debuted at NASCAR’s Pure Michigan 400, engineering, business, chemistry and kinesiology students were on hand to kick-off a new recruiting and research partnership with Axalta, facilitated by the Business Engagement Center.

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    U-M professor Ashley Lucas, director of the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) and UNIRIO’s partner, brought U-M students to Brazil to be participant observers in the program, working not just in prisons but also in underprivileged neighborhoods and hospitals.

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    The excitement in the air in Ann Arbor is palpable. U-M students are back in town and ready to start the new school year. There are a variety of Welcome Week events happening across campus to help students get back into the swing of things. Go Blue!

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