• Lightweight Solar Cells Inspired by Art

    Borrowing from kirigami, the ancient Japanese art of paper cutting, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed solar cells that can track the sun.

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  • Coffee Killer

    A fungus called coffee rust, or la roya in Spanish, is ravaging farms in Central America – one of the world's biggest producers of the crop. U-M ecologists Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer are studying how the fungus spreads through fields. Their research could help save coffee.

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  • The Medicine In Our Garden

    Continuing more than a century of research, education and healing through botany, U-M’s new medicinal garden is open at Matthaei Botanical Gardens. More than 110 varieties of plants can be found in this exhibition, uniquely grouped by systems of the human body and the diseases they help to treat.

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  • National Medal of Arts

    A testament to U-M's commitment ​to ​world class arts presentation and education, the University Musical Society and George Shirley, emeritus professor at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, will each receive the nation's highest public artistic honor.

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