• Kirigami art meets cutting edge science

    The art of paper cutting may slice through a roadblock on the way to flexible, stretchable electronics, a team of engineers and an artist at the University of Michigan has found.

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  • Semester in Detroit

    As students at the University of Michigan, we are not here to save Detroit or impose our vision on the community. Instead, we are here to serve in any way we can, contribute in a way that fulfills the community’s needs as opposed to our own. -Blogger Alexandra Nowlin, Semester in Detroit

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  • Food Network

    U-M students recently led the charge to create a new minor focused on sustainable food. Offered through the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts’ Program in the Environment, it provides an interdisciplinary study of food and food issues around the world in relation to the environment.

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  • 19th Century Selfies

    An African-American Women's History class project recently uncovered the story behind 19th-century African American ‘selfies.’ Students examined a pair of unique family photo albums at the William L. Clements Library that provided insight into everyday African-American life at that time.

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