• IMAX bulbs simulate the sun

    You don’t get to swim in the sun’s atmosphere unless you can prove you belong there. And the Parker Solar Probe’s Faraday cup, a key sensor aboard the $1.5 billion NASA mission launching this summer, earned its stripes last week by enduring testing in a homemade contraption designed to simulate the sun.

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  • New medical devices help doctors with disabilities

    Instead of using a traditional stethoscope or otoscope to examine a patient, one physician-in-training at the University of Michigan uses a new device, with a long, flexible wire and camera at its tip. A live video feed plays important diagnostic information back on her cell phone.

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  • Three Centuries of Innovation

    The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at the University of Michigan, and the new Made at Michigan report shows how student entrepreneurs are bringing their ideas to life. From food assistance to improved biopsy procedures to "conscious consumerism" in fashion, U-M students are innovating into the next century and beyond.

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  • Longer-lasting roads and bridges

    A new, open-access recipe for ultra high-performance concrete developed by U-M Professor Sherif El-Tawil relies on off-the-shelf ingredients and could one day make potholes a thing of the past.

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