• The Architectural Imagination

    The Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning takes center stage this summer. They will highlight 12 innovative design possibilities for Detroit—with far-reaching applications for other cities around the world—in this year’s 2016 U.S. Venice Biennale exhibition.

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    After two days of semifinals and finals concerts at the University of Michigan, the Calidore String Quartet has won the $100,000 M-Prize, a new chamber music competition hosted by the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

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  • Fashion meets research for bipolar disorder

    The Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund delves into the intricacies of bipolar disorder. This is an image of neural stem cells developed from a skin biopsy taken from an individual with the illness. We are collaborating with Pangborn Design to bring awareness to our vitally important research.

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  • Entrepreneurship from all angles

    From a nonprofit organization providing young girls in Detroit with access to musical training, to a precision medicine company helping critically ill patients, our students are solving problems and improving lives.

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