• Need for speed: Michigan Performance Research Laboratory

    Jeff Plotzke wants to improve his running time. He's starting marathons and hopes to go faster and develop a more efficient gait, so he's asked the experts at the U-M Michigan Performance Research Laboratory to help him notch it up.

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  • Warming pulses in ancient climate record

    A new reconstruction of Antarctic ocean temperatures around the time the dinosaurs disappeared 66 million years ago supports the idea that one of the planet's biggest mass extinctions was due to the combined effects of volcanic eruptions and an asteroid impact.

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  • Icephobic Coating

    Kevin Golovin, a graduate student in materials science and engineering at U-M, demonstrates a new rubbery material that can create ice repelling, or "icephobic," coatings on a variety of materials, such as windshields or ship hulls.

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  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    One LSA program gives recent grads a chance to learn about the world—and themselves—all expenses paid. Join LSA on a world tour featuring student photographs—and stories—from around the globe.

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