• Bringing Braille back with better display technology

    Sile O’Modhrain, an associate professor in the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance and the School of Information, has teamed up with engineering researchers to build a better Braille display – one that could show the equivalent of a whole tablet screen at once.

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  • Meet the man giving a voice to the sun

    Robert Alexander works to give the sun a voice. As a sonification specialist at the University of Michigan, Alexander turns data from the sun into music. And not only does it sound beautiful, but it can help further our understanding of the celestial body.

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  • 2016 MLK Symposium

    U-M’s 30th annual Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium titled #WhoWillBeNext features more than 50 special events across campus honoring Dr. King's life and vision.

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  • Mcity: Preparing for a Driverless Future

    One key test bed for driverless car technology is Mcity, a 32-acre self-contained cityscape at U-M that’s the world’s largest dedicated testing facility for driverless cars, as well as the data and infrastructure technologies that will go with them.

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