• Finding Solutions Together

    Team-based Clinical Decision Making was offered this semester to more than 250 students from U-M’s College of Pharmacy, Medical School, Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Social Work. The course is part of an Interprofessional Education effort transforming the way health professions students learn.

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  • Finding New Hope in Old Soap

    What happens to bars of hotel soap after guests leave? A U-M alumna has found a way to recycle and redistribute them in India. Her soap-making operation, Sundara, has produced more than 6,000 bars of recycled soap and trained 17 teachers to conduct hygiene workshops in 30 Mumbai-area schools.

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  • Wild Idea of a Child-Designed Playground

    As part of her MFA thesis, a U-M Stamps School of Art & Design graduate student spearheaded a major, student-led design project with elementary school students and their art teacher at Ann Arbor STEAM. They have been working together all year to plan and redesign the school’s playground.

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  • The Birth of Earth Day

    U-M’s Teach-In on the Environment was not the first Earth Day. It was the huge and spectacularly successful prototype of the first Earth Day, which happened five weeks later—“the most famous little-known event,” one historian has written, “in modern American history.”

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