• Climate clues

    In a study published online in Science, researchers from the U-M Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences show for the first time that sunlight, not microbial activity, dominates the production of carbon dioxide in Arctic inland waters.

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  • Big Advances for Small Discoveries

    A new $46 million Center of Excellence in Nano Mechanical Science and Engineering is letting researchers study the forces at work at the smallest scales to advance nanotechnologies in energy, manufacturing, healthcare and biotechnology.

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  • Putting Great Ideas To Work

    Fiscal year 2014 set new records for tech transfer performance at U-M with 439 new inventions, 148 agreements and 14 startups launched — all derived from U-M research discoveries — demonstrating the growing participation and success of U-M faculty in tech transfer activities.

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  • "Into the Wind"

    “Into the Wind” initially started as an effort involving several U-M departments and then grew to include partners from Grand Valley State and the Muskegon community. The performances featuring dance students, alumni and faculty were designed to inspire dialogue about wind as a source of energy.

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