• Doubling the power of the world's most intense laser

    With more laser energy to focus, researchers at the University of Michigan and collaborators from around the world can make better tabletop devices that produce particle and X-ray beams for medical and national security applications—and also explore mysteries in astrophysics and the quantum realm.

    Learn more about this laser’s power upgrade

  • “Little Stones” ​against violence​

    “I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone.” Women’s rights activist Alice Paul's statement is at the heart of a project among faculty, students and an award-winning filmmaker alumna to shed light on global violence​ against women--a collaboration ​that ​offers resources for classroom discussion​.​

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    U-M’s University Musical Society hosted the New York Philharmonic in November as part of an unprecedented partnership between a university and one of the world’s renowned orchestras. Their residency included public workshops and performances featuring students alongside professional musicians.

    View highlights from their visit to Ann Arbor

  • Giving Blueday was a success!

    On November 28, the U-M community came together and gave for the future! The day saw incredible results because of you. Your support will leave a lasting impression on the university, community, and students.

    Learn more about the day’s success.

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