• Controlled Burn

    In October, U-M researchers and firefighters established the sixth “burn plot” in a long-running experiment at the Biological Station that seeks to approximate, on a tiny scale, the epic lumbering and wildfire disturbances that transformed the forests of the Upper Great Lakes region more than a century ago.

    Learn how a century of forest history is recreated at the U-M Biological Station

  • U-M is a leader in study abroad

    ​From Germany to South Africa and China to South America, U-M is in the top 10 among higher education institutions with the most students studying abroad.

    Learn More about the Open Doors Report

  • Student Veterans at U-M

    “It became very clear to me that our school was known for its successful programs and groups for veterans to turn to for many different types of support. I feel very lucky to be a part of this university’s student veteran community — one that provides a sense of belonging. It’s much like that of the military families all of us have made during our service in the past.”

    Learn more about Alyssa Carrillo’s experience

  • Home Sweet Homelab

    When researchers needed a way to study how people live and move in their own home, University of Michigan brought home to the researchers.

    Learn more about the new U-M HomeLab

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