• Following the migrant trail

    Anthropology researcher Jason De León follows the perilous journey taken by Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty in Mexico to get to the U.S. – and the smugglers behind them. He aims to put a face on the phenomenon he says is highly politicized and poorly understood.

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  • Giving Blueday was a success!

    November 29 was definitely your day to be a victor! Year three saw incredible results because of you. Your support will leave a lasting impression on the university, community, and students like Emanuel Papageorgiou (STAMPS, Class of 2019).

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  • Shadows in the Dark Web

    Secrets lurk in the dark web, the 95 percent of the internet that most of us can't see. One U-M professor is bringing some of those secrets to light, making the digital and the real world a little safer.

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  • Around the world and back

    From Finland to Ethiopia, Germany to Ghana, U-M has the most students studying abroad among Big Ten Universities, according to the new Open Doors report. Exotic landscapes. Different cultures. The world is their classroom.

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