• Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    One LSA program gives recent grads a chance to learn about the world—and themselves—all expenses paid. Join LSA on a world tour featuring student photographs—and stories—from around the globe.

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  • Ross Global Student Experiences

    Ambitious Michigan Ross undergrads are spending their summer visiting the world headquarters of e-commerce giants, interning at companies in Hong Kong and Australia, and chatting with the leaders of the European Central Bank about the challenges of managing a more risk-averse German population.

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  • Living Lab

    The Living Lab is a program in which U-M faculty bring research projects to public spaces so that parents and children can partake in real child development experiments.

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  • When Heads Rolled

    The construction of the iconic Law Quad first brought a clash of egos, followed by an order: “Off with their heads!” The addition of small stone gargoyles would spark ambition, irritation and ill will toward practically everyone involved.

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